Will Mandy Rose ever return to WWE?

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Mandy Rose, a former NXT Women’s Champion, has been let go by WWE. According to Fightful Select, Rose was let go by WWE because executives felt that the material that Rose was sharing on her FanTime account had put them in a difficult situation. According to the article, WWE executives believed the content to be outside the bounds of her contract with the company.

While Mandy Rose may be gone for the time being, many fans have wondered whether she will be back again. However, Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer then tweeted, “She was very much caught off guard by the firing.”

Furthermore, Bryan Alvarez has also confirmed that Rose was released due to the nature of her FanTime photos. WWE officials knew of the photos before, but apparently, Rose’s photos have been getting more risqué, and this didn’t sit well with WWE.

I was given the impression that it’s not like she can never come back, and there is a possibility down the road she will come back, but for now she is gone

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