Who is ‘Bikini Killer’ Charles Sobhraj

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Globally needed conman Charles Sobhraj and six other famous prisoners got away from the high security Tihar prison on Walk 16, 1986 in the wake of medicating prison authorities with the assistance of two external accessories and moving away in a vehicle that was brought to the prison compound.

In an activity enduring scarcely 20 minutes, and which showed all signs of exhaustive preparation, the detainees took care of the prison staff desserts, grapes and organic product cream — all spiked with drugs — to commend the birthday of a prisoner, and attached them with clinical bandage tape prior to making the break.

Seven prison authorities were set nabbed and their administrations suspended for abandonment of obligation by Lt Lead representative HL Kapur, while a request was started.

Among the six other people who got away, Laxmi Narain and Brij Mohan were undertrials stopped in the prison on charges of homicide and dacoity. The other four were Ajai Kumar, Bhola, Dinesh and Bajrang, the initial two being undertrials on charges of homicide, and the other two going through terms of one year and four months individually for robbery.

It was at around 2.40pm that two men came to Entryway No. 3 of Tihar prison through the automated external door. Sunday is a day when no guests are permitted and the prison detainees are given opportunity of development to clean up, exercise, and clean their cells.

Because of reasons known exclusively to the prison staff, be that as it may, the two men who arrived in a grayish Minister vehicle, were permitted in through Door No. 3 of the prison that houses high gamble detainees like Satwant Singh, RS Sethia, Coomar Narain, Slam Swarup, and the Larkin siblings.

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