What is lupus? Made in Chelsea’s Louise Thompson announces diagnosis

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Former Made in Chelsea star Louise Thompson has suffered a number of health setbacks since the birth of her son nine months ago.

Now the reality star has revealed she has lupus, which is causing her to be “constantly navigating” her health issues.

The TV personality updated fans on her health on Instagram while trying to hold back tears.

The NHS describes lupus as a “complex and poorly understood” condition, with many still in the dark about what the disease is, its symptoms, and its treatment.

Despite this, about 50,000 people in the UK have the condition, according to Lupus UK.

Explaining how she found out, Ms Thompson said in the Instagram video: “So to update you guys quickly, I had a call yesterday with one of the rheumatology guys and they got more of my blood test results back and the diagnosis is that I’ve got drug-induced lupus.

“So I’m suffering from that, which is fabulous. It means that I’m really tired but I’ve also started to get really intolerable joint pain especially if I sit down for any amount of time if I cross my legs.”

Dr Steve Iley, medical director at Bupa, explains everything that you need to know about lupus.

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