Maria Telkes: Why Google honours her today

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Telkes was an imaginative researcher perceived for her commitments to the sun oriented energy advances.

Hungarian-American researcher Maria Telkes is known for her commitments to sunlight based energy advances.

Telkes, who kicked the bucket in 1995, concocted the sunlight based distiller as well as the primary sun oriented fueled warming framework intended for homes.

  • Telkes was brought into the world on December 12, 1990, in Budapest, Hungary. She was the little girl of Aladar and Maria Laban de Telkes.
  • Catching energy from the sun was a thought that fascinated the researcher since the beginning.
  • “I was just 11 when a straightforward school try, the dissolving of sulfur, made me seriously inquisitive about science,” Telkes wrote in 1964. “My folks were entertained and lenient, even after a noisy however innocuous blast. Devotedly perusing science books, I was testing.”
  • As a rookie at the College of Budapest in Hungary, she once said that perusing the book Energy Wellsprings Representing things to come by Kornel Zelovich was a vital turning point in her life.
  • “The book made sense of that the standard energy sources have geological constraints, particularly in the less evolved tropical districts, however the sun is straightforwardly above in the jungles, and you don’t need to investigate for it,” she said.
  • The book made sense of how the US was exploring different avenues regarding sun oriented energy, and she realized that was the spot to follow acquiring her certificate.
  • Telkes later learned at Hungary’s Eotvos Lorand College, where she had practical experience in actual science and got a PhD in 1924.

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