Google Doodle respects Mária Telkes, ‘The Sun Sovereign’ of sun powered energy

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Google has supplanted its landing page logo with an energized Doodle to pay tribute to productive sun oriented energy researcher Mária Telkes, nicknamed “The Sun Sovereign.”

Mária Telkes was brought into the world in Budapest, Hungary, on December 12, 1900, and she got exhaustive schooling in technical disciplines, remembering a PhD from the College of Budapest for 1924. Sometime thereafter, Telkes visited an overall in the US and chose to move there before long.

In the early long periods of Mária Telkes’ profession, she explored biophysics and especially the energy made by living things. In a little while, her inclinations moved toward tracking down ways of changing over heat into energy, and eventually, in 1939, joined the recently framed MIT research bunch zeroed in on sun powered energy.

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