FIFA World Cup 2022: Hugo Lloris expects a hostile stadium when France play Morocco in semi-finals

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FIFA World Cup 2022: France captain Hugo Lloris is wary of the pressure Morocco fans will create at the Al Byat Stadium in the semi-finals of the tournament. Lloris has said that the team will have to raise their level to win the game.

France will expect a hostile stadium when they face Morocco in the semi-finals of the FIFA World Cup 2022 on Wednesday evening, December 14, captain Hugo Lloris has said. The goalkeeper, ahead of the clash said in a press conference that they African team had defeated giants in their path to the semi-finals and that needed to be respected.

“They have beaten Belgium, Spain and Portugal and finished first in a very tough group – that tells you they are a quality side and will be tough opponents.

Morocco are the first ever African team to have reached the semi-finals of the FIFA World Cup, and are on a spirited run, much like Senegal in 2002. The Atlas Lions have enjoyed a tremendous support throughout the tournament with the African continent and the Arab countries showering love on them.

“It will be a hostile atmosphere inside the stadium but we are ready for anything,” the goalkeeper said.

Defending champions France defeated England in the quarter-final, and are being considered as the best team in the tournament. Lloris howevr feels that the team needs to raise their level to beat Morocco.

“We have to show we are ready to raise the level and step up to the plate – we will need to be at the top of our game,” Lloris said.

Morocco are dealing with multiple injuries with their team, but that has not stopped the fans from speculating about one particular battle on the pitch – Acraf Hakimi vs Kylian Mbappe. Speaking about the same, Lloris stated that it was always difficult to face a team-mate.

“It may be more difficult to face a team-mate because you know each other so well. But this is France against Morocco – it is a match against two strong football sides, two talented teams and each side has it’s objective – to qualify for the final,” the captain said on the matter.

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