Fears Grow For Ailing Al Roker Revealed After Weatherman’s Health Issues Exposed

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Health-challenged AI Roker’s recent hospitalization with potentially deadly blood clots in his arms and legs has led medical experts to forecast a murky future for the popular weatherman.

“Clots like these can be very serious,” warned New York internist Dr. Stuart Fischer. “They can lead to sudden death or severe heart episodes.”

Roker, 68, raised concerns when he disappeared from his weather map for two weeks last month, before he finally announced he had been in a New York hospital receiving treatment for blood clots.

Fans immediately flooded the Today website with good wishes for the ailing weatherman, who claimed he was receiving “terrific medical care and on the road to recovery.”

But doctors consulted by The National Enquirer say the road ahead may be under heavy cloud cover.

“The clots can travel to his heart and lungs and cause shortness of breath, difficulty breathing and dangerous, irregular heartbeats,” said Florida-based longevity expert Dr. Gabe Mirkin.

Al, who once clocked in at a whopping 300 pounds, famously lost more than 100 of them following bypass surgery in 2002 — but then yo-yo’ed after his mother, Isabell Roker, died in 2011.

He endured difficult recoveries after hip replacement and shoulder surgeries — and also survived prostate cancer in 2020.

According to doctors, Al will need blood-thinning drugs to prevent further clotting.

Blood-thinning medications are not a simple solution to the weatherman’s health concerns — and could lead to further medical issues.

“But anti-coagulants can lead to their own risks, including hemorrhages, which can lead to anemia, strokes or death,” cautioned Dr. Jerome Spunberg.

Roker soothed worried fans through an Instagram post where he announced the “medical whack-a-mole” that he endured when he was rushed to the hospital for blood clots.

“I am so fortunate to be getting terrific medical care and on the way to recovery,” Roker said in the social media caption.

Roker’s wife and Good Morning America host, Deborah Roberts, commented her support on the post.

“So grateful for the top notch medical care and prayer warriors from every corner. We love you dearly sweet Al and can’t wait to get you home,” Roberts wrote.

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